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EYFS Good Practice Guidelines

The Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs) are a series of cards providing guidance on specific areas of learning and teaching, produced by the Ealing EYFS team. The guidelines are targeted at supporting Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 practitioners but could be used across Key Stage 1 and into Key Stage 2.

Each guide contains key indicators of good practice relating to the four EYFS guiding themes:

All publications and websites referenced in the guides are linked to from our resources page.

2.01 Good Practice Guidelines: Early writing
How to further support children's early attempts at writing

2.02 Good Practice Guidelines: Speaking and listening
Ways to encourage a language-rich environment

2.03 Good Practice Guidelines: CLLD Phonics
Learning and teaching phonics effectively

2.04 Good Practice Guidelines: Early Guided Reading
Guide on supporting children's reading

2.05 Good Practice Guidelines: Letters and Sounds Phase 1
Ideas on how to provide high quality Phase 1 experiences

3.01 Good Practice Guidelines: Calculating
Strategies to ensure a problem-solving culture is in place

4.01 Good Practice Guidelines: ICT in the EYFS
Ideas and tips on developing purposeful ICT

4.02 Good Practice Guidelines: Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Ways to provide a variety of opportunities for children to discover the world around them 

4.03 Good Practice Guidelines: Exploration and Investigation
Allowing children opportunities to develop early scientific process skills

7.01 Good Practice Guidelines: Key Person
Ensuring children feel safe and cared for

7.02 Good Practice Guidelines: Supporting boys' achievement
Ways of ensuring boys' interests and choices are valued and supported

7.03 Good Practice Guidelines: Children learning English as an additional language (EAL) 
Practical ways to support children who are learning English as an additional language 

7.04 Good Practice Guidelines: Planning
Things to consider when making short, medium and long term plans 

7.05 Good Practice Guidelines: Outdoor Play
Ideas on how to make best use of the learning environment outdoors

7.06 Good Practice Guidelines: Transition, Continuity and Progression
Ensuring all children progress smoothly within and beyond your setting  

7.07 Good Practice Guidelines: Parents/Carers as Partners in Learning
Ways to further value parents/carers roles as the first educator in their child's learning
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